AlberghiAmoCi is the name of the project on which students and teachers of the Istituto Alberghiero in Cingoli, are working on.

The main core of the project, born from the idea of the teacher Silvia Casilio, is the inclusive workshop “Costruiamo facendo” (building by doing) in which boys and girls with disabilities produce creative handcraft under the supervision of the teachers Monia Battistoni and Marta Gambella. Other teams are also active: the one led by Samuele Trapasso deals with programming and development of the digital environment; the one led by Marco di Pasquale  and Letizia Coccia focused on content creation, copywriting and media communication. Michela Fogante, Natasa Zanivan, Elisa Ceolato and Laura Reale are supervising the team which will set the website in English, French and Spanish; while Silvia Principi, along with class 5AP, is developing the relevant business plan to make the project economically achievable and sustainable.



The school is located in Cingoli, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where everything inspires order, great care and kindness.

Walking through the alleys of this pretty little town, with its almost intact city walls, it comes out the desire to look forward into the future cultivating a sensitivity to taste and beauty.

Cingoli is very well known as “The Balcony of the Marche Region” thanks to its elevated and “terrraced” position on the east side of Mount Cingolo and above all thanks to its amazing panorama.

Cingoli -panorama. Ph. F. Cardarelli