Three are the main objectives of AlberghiAmoCi:

  •       boost creative and entrepreneurial skills
  •       promote active learning (learning by doing)
  •       develop a socially inclusive mindset

    “The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things” (J. Piaget)

Alberghiamoci is both a real and a virtual place where knowledge becomes doing and doing generates knowledge.

The project leads through three different but complementary work assignments.

First of all it is intended as an opportunity to boost the entrepreneurial spirit among young people through activities that can also be educational and integrate the  curriculum.

This aim is achieved through a concrete experience, related to a business project, before the end of the educational path.

Furthermore, it is meant to be a creative workshop where the experience is the key factor that affects learning. Perception, feeling and knowledge are involved to the same extent to support the students toward a stable and lasting knowledge. Ideas should be actively elaborated instead of accumulating and passively storing concepts in our memory.

Last but not least, AlberghiAmoCi is a constant exercise of an inclusive mindset that should permeate our social contests. It adopts a variety of teaching methods to remove any obstacles to learning and allows the students to use the most appropriate modalities whatever their inclinations, advantages or disabilities are.

Every team (creative handcraft, copywriting, sale, etc ) is meant to let the students increase awareness of their own capabilities and imagine new job opportunities in the future.

The proceeds from the e-commerce distribution will be used to support further educational projects and implement training opportunities available also to external users.